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Physiotherapy? as a Career

Overview :  Physiotherapy alias physical therapy, one of the fastest-growing allied area of medicine, is the system of treatment of disease and disability using physical exercises. It is the most important rehabilitative service needed in a community and a vital therapeutic supplement of the medical profession, integral to the treatment of most patients.

Physiotherapy may be defined as a science that seeks to improve movement dysfunction, promote optimal health and functions of the human body. Physiotherapy helps in optimal functioning of the body. It involves the assessment, maintenance, restoration of the physical function and performance of the body and is strongly recommended for people with degenerative disorders, the physically challenged, sportspeople and those suffering from arthritis and neurological disorders. This preventive and remedial procedure is very often used as a supplement with oral medicines. It could also include heat radiation, water therapy, massages, diathermy, traction and other procedures.

Physiotherapists are as essential as doctors in helping recover and rehabilitate a patient from a state of incapacity, due to genetic defect or the result of an accident or an illness. They must have a thorough knowledge of the human anatomy and the way the bones, muscles and nerves move. Physiotherapists treat a wide range of ailments, so specialization is possible in areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, sports physical therapy, neurology, clinical electrophysiologic and cardiopulmonary therapy.

Physiotherapists use various therapeutic intervention techniques to treat a patient. Some of the them are Manual Therapy, TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation used to control pain), Ultrasound Technique, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Manipulation, Acupuncture etc. Although the work of a physiotherapist may tend to be physically very strenuous as it involves physically lifting and supporting patients, their profession brings with it much satisfaction, since it involves relieving patients of pain and helping them recover from specific physical ailments.

Is it the Right Career for Me? As any career counselor would suggest, go for a career which suits and matches to your flair and the same is true in physiotherapy too. Candidates looking for making a career in physiotherapy should do various research and analysis before opting out for a course in physiotherapy. Moreover, it is equally essential that it is what you want to do in your life. From the perspective of earning, physiotherapy is not a bad option; therefore one does not need to worry about it.

Job is quite challenging for a physiotherapist but is profitable too. Moreover, they are qualified to perform physical examination and conduct assessments to detect a diagnosis process. In order to treat dysfunction and monitoring of treatment they select appropriate physical therapy interventions. A successful Physiotherapist uses various therapeutic intervention techniques to treat a patient in the best possible manner.

Positives/Negatives : At times aspirants may think that it is not attractive as that of software engineering or medical science or law; however, the physiotherapist’s job offers job satisfaction. Therefore, if you are looking for job satisfaction, opt for physiotherapist’s job. Nonetheless, salary packages too are not so low that it may sound unattractive. A lot of earning potential depends on the person and knowledge of Physiotherapy.

Despite a challenging task ahead a candidate can carve a niche for himself with excellent knowledge of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Exercise Therapy, Physiology, Electrotherapy, Physical Fitness & Yoga, Pharmacology, Kinesio- Therapeutics, Psychology & Psychiatry, Pathology, Microbiology, etc. An effective method to carve a niche in the profession is to offer something positive and effective as well as suitable.

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