Thursday, 27 October 2016

“Krupanidhi Group of Institutions -A university for every kind”

In this competitive world, there are plenty of things that are being considered a mere commercial product rather than anything that could contribute to the development of the country. Among these, are few genuine organizations that aim at making the world a better place. In an era where education is 'sold' there are very few institutions that take it up as a priority to educate, enlighten and direct the lives of students towards paths leading to success and prosperity.

One of the top institutes that focus on the welfare of the students, made its name when it introduced Pharmacy as a subject in Karnataka for the first time. Krupanidhi College, that also holds the credit of initiating physiotherapy, is a Christian college that started in 1985 by the famous educationist Suresh Nagpal.

 Unlike most other institutions, Krupanidhi group of institutions target at shaping and molding futures of young aspirants who aim at achieving great heights. Doing everything to provide them the right kind of environment, the institution has recruited few of the best teaching staff and have done everything to provide them with a good campus that ensures safety and comfort at the best.

Providing a range of courses thought by the best of faculty, the institution has the benefit of choosing from fields like Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Management, Bio Technology, Commerce, Pre-University, International School.

 The education content does not only contain field-based information but also includes subjects that will help one deal with the real world. As the institution believes, a well-educated person holds the key to a better society. With the hope of making a better loving world possible, The krupanidhi group of institutions have made their way towards a progressive path aiming at developing the future of world.

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Krupanidhi College is a Christian institution managed by Krupanidhi Educational Trust. Krupanidhi is an educational dream that started out as a small structure in Koramangala in Bangalore some 30 years ago and is a huge, renowned, 11–acre campus today. The college was founded by three eminent educationists, Dr. Prof. Suresh Nagpal (M.Pharma, Ph.D), Mrs. Geetha Nagpal (MBA), and philanthropist Sunil Samson Dhamanigi (M.Pharma), making them the pioneers in the field of pharmacy education. It is also the first college to start Physiotherapy in Bangalore.

Their main goal is to holistically nurture their students by providing them with top quality education using cutting edge, effective teaching methods in an affable and comfortable environment. Today, Krupanidhi has a pharmacy college, a Physiotherapy College, a Nursing College, a business school, a degree college, a pre–university college, a residential PU college & an International School under its wings. It has three campuses and close to 6,000 students from more than 20 countries studying across the various colleges, making it a multi–cultural, diverse educational institute.