Sunday, 20 November 2016

Krupanidhi: Deserved it, owned it. Awards won by the institution .

Everybody wants the best, when it comes to picking a career. Youngsters ensure to ace their entrance exam and research in and out to find out the best colleges regardless of the location of the it. They sacrifice on their comfort and travel to placed they would’ve nevr heard of just to be educated by a particular university. When the students put in so much effort into it, every university must justify the case by providing adequate education.

One university that has been known to give students every prospect of their necessity is Krupanidhi University. A college best described by its awards and achievements puts forth a list of their what they have deservingly won so far.

Krupanidhi received its honor as ‘Asia’s fastest growing Private education institute’ at the prestigious WCRC leaders Asian Education Excellence Summit and awards ceremony 2012. It has been ranked as one of the best upcoming B-schools in Bangalore by Brands Academy Consultancy. It also holds the fifth position among ‘Top 10 placement survey’ by Silicon India. The university had grabbed the award for ‘Educational Institute with the best infrastructure.’ And ‘Educational Institute first best academic and industrial interference.’ 

They  proudly accepted the honor of ‘Best Pharmacy college’ in Karnataka by the Week Magazine. For a college that has always put extra effort into providing students what they deserved, these awards deserve to lie on their university shelves. But they did not choose to stop there. The university continued to spread its wings wider for more students to educate themselves under it. With a little extra hard work every minute, the university has now claimed the respects of most educationalists and students who forever remain for the innumerable opportunities that the university has provided them with.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

One University, Worldwide facilities! Pathway programs at Krupanidhi University

If there is one thing youngsters to do without being taught, it is to dream. If there is one thing that can be done to help them achieve is to direct. And instead of relying on multiple sources, it is best to depend on a constant reliable source that has been able to help many succeed. The source need not take the dreamer to his goal. But it is definitely important to lead them in the right path and direct them as to where to go. How to get there, is the individual’s choice.

One institution that has sent students towards their dream career, is undoubtedly Krupanidhi University. With a pathway program that allows its students to start their graduation course here and pursue the final year in the University of Fraser Valley, Canada. 

A lot of students aspire to fly abroad and pursue education out of the country in order to receive better exposure and select from various options. To live independently learning how to survive on your own is an add on. 

The University of Fraser Valley enrolls over 16,000 students every year from across the globe and allows every student the best of opportunities to learn and grow under their organization. The University does not only focus on the academic growth of the students but also pays special attention to their personal growth in the socio-economic aspect.

With Campuses in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission and Hope, the beautifully green campuses provide the best of facilities, including top notch library, hygienic food courts, multi-cuisine canteens, space for sport practices, well equipped laboratories. Free transportation facilities are yet again another beneficial service to remove the basic problem of commuting.

 Offering variety of courses followed by professional student counseling is something not all universities focus on, unlike the University if Fraser Valley.  By doing these little things, they intend to create a huge change in the lives of every aspiring student. 

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Krupanidhi- A better university for a brighter future

Billions of aspiring young minds, struggling day in and day out to achieve their dreams. Well, with so much technology and advanced techniques, why is the word ‘struggle’ still in the picture? People know for a fact that your environment has a lot of influence in molding your career. And keeping this in the back of their heads, most people look for the best universities to study in for; the power of the university is immense and sacred.

One university that has allowed every individual to put a tick mark against their requirements on the wish list is undoubtedly the well known Krupanidhi University. Having known for its beautiful campus and unique techniques, Krupanidhi stands tall among other universities in the land of superiority. With its 11 acre campus holding on to the best of greenery and beauty, the university has top notch services like a digitally supported library, well built hostels and not to forget the hygienic cafeteria and multi-cuisine food court. The university provides free transportation, therefore destroying the biggest hindrance between a student and his/her education.

Focusing on the minutest details, they provide student counseling for those who need to be directed towards a better and more suitable lifestyle and career option. Not to forget the sports activities that are given equal importance as they believe in the possibility of all kind of careers. Well equipped laboratories adding on to their world class teaching faculty and techniques, makes it the every student’s dream university.

To make it another step easier, online help for enquiry is available for admissions. The admission process has also been explained in detail in order to cause no inconvenience to the young minds. The admissions for 2017 has begun and is in full swing with hundreds of students flocking into the campus to ensure their seat in the university that could change their life for good. Now that there are more people willing to take their careers seriously, the Krupanidhi university is all set to empower those under it.

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Krupanidhi College is a Christian institution managed by Krupanidhi Educational Trust. Krupanidhi is an educational dream that started out as a small structure in Koramangala in Bangalore some 30 years ago and is a huge, renowned, 11–acre campus today. The college was founded by three eminent educationists, Dr. Prof. Suresh Nagpal (M.Pharma, Ph.D), Mrs. Geetha Nagpal (MBA), and philanthropist Sunil Samson Dhamanigi (M.Pharma), making them the pioneers in the field of pharmacy education. It is also the first college to start Physiotherapy in Bangalore.

Their main goal is to holistically nurture their students by providing them with top quality education using cutting edge, effective teaching methods in an affable and comfortable environment. Today, Krupanidhi has a pharmacy college, a Physiotherapy College, a Nursing College, a business school, a degree college, a pre–university college, a residential PU college & an International School under its wings. It has three campuses and close to 6,000 students from more than 20 countries studying across the various colleges, making it a multi–cultural, diverse educational institute.